After Zoom App’s Recent Success, Jio’s JioMeet HD Video Conferencing App Announced

The COVID-19 lockdown has made a flood sought after for video conferencing applications. Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams have seen a brilliant ascent as organizations and students rushed to supplant disconnected hangouts. So Does, Reliance Jio additionally needs a bit of this pie and has today propelled its own video conferencing application – JioMeet.

JioMeet is as of now live on iOS and Android at the present time. It permits you to put HD video calls to your companions or partners for free. You can get this application through your email or sign in by means of OTP. There’s additionally the alternative to join a video call as a guest, using the meeting join sent to you. It will just require a meeting ID and your name.

JioMeet: Features

When you are in, you will see tabs at the top – Favorites, Recents, and Contacts. When you need to begin a video call, simply tap the ‘video call’ icon close to the name of the client/user. The maximum call quality is set at 720p, yet the application naturally adjusts the quality dependent on your connection. You can even send and recieve messages in an overlay over the video call.

JioMeet additionally makes it excessively simple to begin video calls and what’s energizing here is that it offers some essential administrating tools to the host. The host can mute or kill the video feeds of any of the members. They can likewise decide to kick any member or end the meeting for everybody with the tap of a button.

You must be wondering about the participant limit. JioMeet supports only up to five participants for free users. But, if you sign up for the Pro plan and are a business user, you can invite up to 100 people to join your video conference call. All meetings are PIN protected, the company mentions on its FAQ page.

Unlike WhatsApp’s end-to-end encrypted video calls, JioMeet uses SSL 128-bit encryption to ensure the security of your calls. This means your calls are encrypted in transit. JioMeet brings a Conference History feature in tow as well. You can view and listen to old video calls if needed.

The list of problems does not end there. JioMeet takes its gala time to connect a video call. The connection is not instantaneous. You will have to wait 4-5 seconds to have the other person’s video pop-up on your screen. My father and I also witnessed some audio issues while testing the app last night.

We Will Soon Be Publishing Our Reviews Of The App On Our Website Soon, So stay tuned

You Download JioMeet (Free, Android and iOS)


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