Lockdown 4.0: Centre Government Extends lockdown till 31 may. Get all the details

In the updated rules and guidelines for Lockdown 4.0, the government said all activities expect those explicitly prohibited will be allowed across the country.

Lockdown 4.0 guidelines: All activities except these permitted across country, states to take final call

The government on Sunday extended the nationwide lockdown until May 31 but also revised lockdown guidelines to allow for more relaxations. In the modified guidelines and rules, the government said all activities aside from those expressly denied will be permitted the nation over. The nationwide lockdown was forced on March 25 to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus and has been broadened multiple times now.

The list of activities prohibited and establishments to remain shut include domestic and international air travel, metro rail services, schools and colleges, hotels and restaurants, cinema halls, malls, gyms, swimming pools, and religious and social gatherings of all kinds.

The government has also allowed inter-state travel of people on cars or buses. The government also said that movement of people between 7pm and 7am will remain prohibited unless it is for essential services.

While restrictions have been considerably eased, the government has left it up to states to decide if they want to prohibit certain activities in certain areas. States have also been given the authority to delineate containment, buffer, red, orange and green zones. The restrictions to be applied in the respective zones will be more or less decided by states.

Containment zones will see no activity expect those that are essential.


The Lockdown 4.0 guidelines have significantly eased the restrictions across the country. Except for certain activities that are explicitly prohibited, everything else is allowed. These are the activities that remain prohibited:

– Domestic and international air travel, unless for medical, security or emergency purposes.

– Metro rail services

– Schools, colleges, coaching institutions

– Hotels and restaurants, except those engaged in the battle against the novel coronavirus. Restaurants are permitted to operate kitchens for home delivery of food

– Cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls and other similar places. Sports complexes and stadiums can open without spectators or audiences

– Social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious gatherings and other congregations remain banned — weddings with up to 50 guests and funerals with not more than 20 attendees will be allowed. All places of worship will remain shut

– Movement of people between 7pm and 7am unless meant for essential services

Here’s a list of top 10 activities that will be allowed in the lockdown 4.0 in all three zones- Red, Orange and Green, between May 18 and May 31.

1. Interstate movement of passenger vehicles and buses with mutual consent of states and union territories involved.Intrastate movement of passenger vehicles and buses as decided by the states and union territories. Also read  spymax rat download.

2. Apart from standalone shops, market places have now been allowed to open, however, the operation of malls and cinemas continues to be banned.

3. Barber shops, spas and salons can also be opened Also read spymax v4.

4. Interstate and Intrastate movement of medical professionals, nurses, paramedical staff, sanitation personnel, ambulances allowed without any restriction. Also read spymax.

5. Movement of all types of goods cargo including empty cargo vehicles

6. E-Commerce activities for non-essential goods are now permitted even in Red Zones.

7. Cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws, taxis and cab aggregators like Ola, Uber have been allowed.

8. Restriction limiting staff strength in offices to 33% has also been lifted.

9.Sports complexes and stadiums will be permitted to open, however, spectators will not be allowed.

10. Restaurants are now permitted to operate kitchens for home delivery of food items.

The new lockdown guidelines essentially pave the way for most economic activity across the country to restart while giving state governments more authority on deciding the level of restrictions.

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