Indian Education System: what needs to be changed

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Indian Education System, which is considered to be one of the oldest education system in this world, is now at the verge of it’s total remapping for a future ready student. The Indian education system still follows the old school learning and conventional education styles and methodologies. Neither do we understand that too.

Evolution is necessary to progress.

Without a reform and evolution, even we humans were not able to form a stabilized life forms out of apes, then how can we compromise with something that will help us to survive, OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM!

What we still believe is in rather than educating our students with the abilities to think freely and innovate freely in this ever growing fierce world, we make them to rot and cram unnecessary chapters, which no one will remember after a few days.

Our education system teaches us how to take an “A+” grade in all exams, little do we notice it is the same grade that i used to quality check the meat, hence Grade A meat! It’s totally cool and amazing to score #1 grades in class, but what we need to learn is the skill of survivals and practical knowledge.

the harsh reality of Indian education system

Here are top things that are wrong in Indian education system and what could be done to improve our education sector:

1. Rote learning :

Rote learning still plagues our system, students study only to score marks in exams, and sometimes to crack exams like IIT JEE, AIIMS or CLAT. We have progressed with time; however, we still have not been able to move away from rote learning. While we know that IB schools are changing the education system at their level, but we also need to understand that the population that goes to IB schools is very limited in nature.

The schools must be encouraged to introduce conceptual learning which avoids students to mug up what they are being taught. While this will help students to understand the concepts better, they will also be able to retain and apply them better.

2. Lack Of Practical Knowledge:

We at Indian Schools, are taught with the best of all to make chemistry solutions or to align physics instruments, but little do we perform them for real! The students who are better at learning and cramming, can easily replicate the whole process, but there are weak students, for whom practical knowledge proves out to be the best method to learn new things without a hassle.

3. Introduction of technology:

We all know we have intercepted in the era of the fourth industrial revolution. We are living the renaissance of technology and in such a state, technology and education system cannot be kept apart.

Students must be taught about technology right from the early years of their education so that it does not come like an alien thing in their later times.

Indian schools must embrace industry ready technology and education with an open heart and propagate the same to the students as it is there, where their future lies.

4. Focus on skill based education:

Our education system is geared towards teaching and testing knowledge at every level as opposed to teaching skills. “Give a man a fish and you feed him one day, teach him how to catch fishes and you feed him for a lifetime.”  I believe that if you teach a man a skill, you enable him for a lifetime. Knowledge is largely forgotten after the semester exam is over. Still, year after year Indian students focus on cramming information. The best crammers are rewarded by the system. This is one of the fundamental flaws of our education system.

If the Indian education system starts taking these points into serious consideration, we can attain the level of the best education system in the world. It is high that we as a country, start taking education above the mediocre level that we have been ingrained with and perceive education from the holistic approach.

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