How to spot fake news and deal with it

In these tough times of covid-19 outbreak, we are sure that you might have come across some sort of fake news till now. whether it be buzzy on the “whatsapp university” or on any other social media platform or in whatever form, a fake news is tough not to believe.

confusingly some fake news also contains a mixture of correct information, which makes it difficult to spot what is true and accurate. Fake news may also be shared by trusted friends and family, including those who are doctors and nurses.

Here we are going to share some of our techniques – tips and tricks on how to spot a fake news and detect it.

First things first how to detect the fake news ?

  1. Check the sources claiming the news : These news tend to claim that the sources of these unwanted news are either from NASA or from Stanford University or an English name or as well acclaimed, According to the scientists. It’s never like the scientists share in this way! Always lookout on the official websites of these sources to keep an eye check if they were actually claimed by these “SOURCES”

2. Bad English: Credible journalists and organizations are less likely to make repeated spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, anything written entirely in capital letters or containing a lot of exclamation marks should raise your suspicions.

3. Pretend social media accounts: Some fake accounts mimic the real thing. For example, the unofficial Twitter handle @BBCNewsTonight, which was made to look like the legitimate @BBCNews account, shared a fake story about the actor Daniel Radcliffe testing positive for coronavirus. Media platforms try to remove or flag fake accounts and stories as well as verify real ones. Look out for what their policies are to try to do this. And Logo: Check whether any organization’s logo used in the message looks the same as on the official website

So, scrolling so long you might till now have an idea on what to do with the social media FORWARDs, But now you are wondering whom to trust? Sure, we’ve got your back!

How to trust the claimants :

The best sources to go to for health information about COVID-19 are your government health websites and the World Health Organization website.

Alternatively, You can fact check the things on various platforms (except for whatsapp) just like ALT NEWS or Government Websites Or AAROGYA SETU APP

The end of the discussion is that never to indulge yourselves into those dank silly news, rather correct your senders with the actual news. All we want for you is to stay safe from the fake news, both from receiving it and spreading it to others.

Well, that was all from our side. Until next time! STAY HOME-STAY SAFE


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