Wondering about costly masks? Here’s a guide how to make mask at home!

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Wearing a face mask is one way we would all be able to help moderate the spread of the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Wearing a face mask in broad daylight or community settings, particularly in circumstances where you might be close to others, is suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, the World Health Organization (WHO)Trusted Source, and many state and district well being offices. A few urban areas likewise expect you to wear face masks in the event that you go out openly.

A face mask isn’t intended to protect you, the wearer. Instead, the purpose of wearing a face covering, according to the CDC, is to protect the people around you. That’s because you may have the disease, but aren’t showing symptoms.

If you lack sewing skills or just want a quick way to make a face mask with materials at home, we’ve got you covered.

By Using following Tips, You Will Be Able To Make Face Mask At Home During This Lockdown!

Step 1:

a home made mask can be reuse as well as recycle. thus use a best cloth for this. you can also use a designer cloth to make the mask impressive. after all this, cut the cloth in a round shape according to the give size in the image.

step 2:

after following step 1, make a triangular fold on the piece of cloth after cutting. this will be lead you to get several rectangular pieces of paper.

note: use the scissors carefully while cutting the cloth

step: 3

Now join the pieces of cloth to make a thicker layer of our mask. it will lead to make a good mask.


now sew the two portions to make the mask effective. it will also lead to join the two portions strongly.

step: 5

join together the two portions simply and after that, sew them. always use sanitizer while making masks.


after that, put elastic into the space available on the edges of the mask. the length of the elastic used can be according to your wish and sew them.

step: 7

VOILA! here is your ready to use home made mask!

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